About Me

Who am I?


I grew up in the same house in California my entire life. I had the privilege of a private education through high school. I have a little brother, and I live with him, our parents, and our Japanese Grandmother (who has dementia).

I’m working on my 2nd degree kickboxing black belt, and I teach martial arts with my boyfriend who doubles as a YouTuber on the side-so I’m often recruited to be his camerawoman.

I’m in college, pursuing a career in nursing.

I spend every semester over-cramming my schedule with work and classes and regretting it later when I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I’m a little bit on the quiet side with strangers and a little on the over-talkative side with familiar people, although I recharge when I’m left alone. I crave solidarity after a significant social event.

My hobbies include photography, playing classical guitar (learning), practicing foreign languages, martial arts (my passion is kickboxing), singing, seeing plays, watching movies, going for sunset walks, anything to do with water (swimming in pools or lakes, hot tubbing, squirt gun fights, but get me near an ocean and I’m tentative, convinced I’ll be swept away and lost forever and you will be unable to read my boring blog posts ever again), wiggling awkwardly to music (I believe they refer to this as “dancing” but my movements might not qualify under this category), journaling, sketching (mostly faces), learning how to do different braids for my hair, having light saber fights in the dark, filming for my boyfriend’s YouTube channel, and reading by the fire during cold winter days. I’ve recently become attached to listening to audiobooks as I fall asleep at night.

Clearly, since I’m blogging, I greatly enjoy writing. I may have set a world record at greatest number of books never completed. “Oh, I’m at 120 pages, time to give up because I can’t think of a fantastic ending for this stupid novella! Too bad I didn’t think of the ending before I got this far… Now look, you’ve written yourself into a corner, your characters are stuck, and there is no resolution. Time to add this to your failure binder.”

Beyond these details about me…it just get’s weirder.

The phrases I’ve heard the most in my life are “You write too much.” and “You’re weird.” It’s about time to embrace these qualities in one beautifully unnoticed blog.

Weirdthingshappentoweirdpeople is a blog created so that girlbwrittin (me) can write! It’s that simple.

This blog is probably entering a little late in my young community college-aged life (what age is that, I wonder?). After a group of folks suggested I write a book, I offered a more modest (and achievable) suggestion, which was to take my creative writing to a more public forum (beyond the very tight and selective walls of my Facebook account, of course).

I’m a little weird, and so are my stories, but I hear that uniformity and consistency among all parts of life are supposed to be good things. Occasionally, I get a burst of inspiration for deep-thinking and an article will appear on my blog that is reflective of whatever thoughtful mood I was in.

In keeping with this theme, I feel it is probably appropriate that you know a few of the things that make me a little weird (so, here’s where the amusement for you at the expense of me begins). [dramatic sigh] The sacrifices I make to start a very unpopular and no-one-has-ever-heard-of-weirdthingshappentoweirdpeople.wordpress.com-and-I’ll-be-lucky-if-somebody-reads-this-…-blog.

  • When I was a child, my dad read to me The Hobbit, Kon-Tiki, Watership Down, and others, as bedtime stories. Somehow I missed the Dr. Seuss phase. It makes me wonder, though, what inspired my dad to come into my room to tuck his 8 year old daughter into bed and suggest we read Kon-Tiki instead of Nancy Drew one night? It’s a mystery.
  • I love cleaning the lint from lint traps
  • I fear coming home late at night to find random heads of beheaded people who I know scattered about the floor
  • I used to dream that I’d get very sick, “get” to live in the hospital, bed-bound, and people I knew would be worried about me and they’d come to visit often, bringing me flowers, chocolate, and lots of concern (drama queen, much?)
  • Sometimes I stop and smell roses just so I can say, “I stop to smell the roses.”
  • Big birds, from the land of Big freakin’ birds come and poop giant turds on my passenger side window every time I finally have scrapped off the poop from the last giant freakin’ bird.
  • I once stepped on a #2 pencil on my carpeted floor as a child, the pencil shot up into the air in a giant arc, and came sailing down sharpened end first, lodged itself upright in the top of my foot as I screamed until my parents came, removed the pencil, bandaged me, and 15 years later, I still have a grey pencil dot right where that happened. My foot is eternally pencilified.
  • I have had my head bagged, my wrists duck-taped together, been dragged to the woods at night, and been sprayed with mace in a POW simulation for Navy training in high school…I didn’t join the Navy (but I got a good rating on the simulation, if that counts for anything).
  • I saw a child choke in an airport restaurant once, they did abdominal thrusts on him (I’ve been informed by the American Red Cross that it is no longer to be called the Heimli…oh never mind…they get royalties every time we say their name apparently), dislodging the food from his airway (which then came out of his mouth), and at 6 years old, I stopped eating solid foods for a month until my parents took me to a Pediatrician who told me that I was normal and being afraid of choking was okay, but it wasn’t likely to happen to me if I chewed my food well. He added that I probably wouldn’t live a long and healthy life if I kept drinking Pediasures and applesauce as my only sources of nutrition. I went home and started eating again.
  • I was told I was going to be a big sister, and they brought home a yellow brother who lived in a glowing blanket for a week in my parent’s bedroom like a total alien. Nothing much has changed over the years. He’s still foreign to me.
  • Once, while teaching in a kid’s kickboxing class, the students kept staring at me funny while I was teaching them their new skill-sets and when I went back into the office afterwards and looked in the mirror, I had chocolate marks on my lips and lipstick on my two front teeth.
  • I’ve kissed Batman and Spiderman (It’s true).
  • I’m terrified of being responsible for a blog. I’m much better with cats.

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