Pet Peeves and Pleasures

For several weeks, I’ve kept an “Pet Peeve” list and “Pet pleasure” list (if that is even a real thing. I couldn’t think of an antonym for “pet peeve”)

So, here are the results of that endeavor!

Pet Pleasures:

  • catching up to the person who passed me on the road when we both arrive at the stoplight
  • the moment I realize that I’ve disconnected from reality and lost myself in a story (which, sadly, means I’ve reached reality again, but I like the safe feeling in that realization)
  • waking up from a pleasant dream in the middle of the night, glancing at the clock, and realizing I have many more hours to go back to sleep
  • the smell of freshly laundered clothes
  • soft kisses, where the lips linger gently on mine and I can feel my sweetheart’s breath mix with mine
  • getting into the hot tub after freezing in my bathing suit in the outside cold air
  • laughing so hard that I can’t make a sound or I cry (it makes it even better when I do this with somebody else…alone it is just…creepy)
  • the sense of achievement that comes with finishing a tough semester and having a gut feeling that I got an A, even before the grades are out.
  • The anticipation of a planned date or event
  • Drinking cold lemonade or sweet tea on a hot day when I’m parched
  • somebody confiding in me
  • the sound of rain hitting the window pane, roof, and the street
  • somebody who I love telling me they love me
  • (pet peeve interjection: misuse of the word “they” as above, when I should have used the terms “he or she”)
  • seeing my gas tank read full (forgetting I am on the sloped driveway. For a moment there is pleasure).
  • night time walks with a friend
  • Japanese food and frozen yogurt (not combined, but often eaten consecutively)
  • the smell of costco
  • the smell of hair spray rinsing out of my hair in the shower
  • waking up without my alarm on a rainy morning under my cozy down comforter
  • how soft my hair feels after I use conditioner
  • watching leaves fall from the trees
  • the sound of stepping on those leaves (perfect crunch)
  • the cliche smell of rain on the pavement (everybody says this…but it’s true that I liked it, so I had to add it, even though the rebel in me didn’t want to because everybody says it)
  • stomping in puddles (to be honest, I haven’t done this since I was a kid, but I have really fun memories of it, and I might be game to do this if I were ever to stumble across and ambitious four year old on a rainy day that wanted to do the same)
  • the smell of warm redwood bark
  • sitting in the sun
  • rolling snickerdoodle dough in the cinnamon & sugar
  • the sound my bird makes with his beak before he falls asleep (it’s like a grinding/popping sound)
  • the smell of my cat’s paws
  • the feel of the tip of my stylus…bouncy…if I were a flea, I might make it my trampoline
  • the smell of my grandpa’s hugs
  • hearing my mom laugh uncontrollably
  • going to bed with wet hair
  • finishing a project
  • popping zits (gross, I know, but…there is victory in those moments)
  • making other people laugh
  • getting lines on my face from sleeping on my sheets
  • finishing a book
  • finishing a project
  • helping somebody
  • encouraging somebody
  • chocolate (nuff said)
  • crushing a plastic waterbottle
  • holding a baby
  • organizing/sorting

Pet Peeves:

  • waking up in the middle of the night with the hiccups
  • people driving in oncoming traffic or directly behind my vehicle flashing their brights
  • dried pasta on the stove top (how does it get there?)
  • toilet paper put on the holder backwards (the free sheet hangs from the front, not the back, people…get it right).
  • hearing people say “nuculus” instead of “nucleus” in reference to the center of the cell.
  • road kill
  • people of cough into the air right where you need to walk or who cough into their hand right before you have to shake it.
  • smelling somebody’s burp or fart
  • family members asking me how my day was the moment I open the front door. (Generally, I just have to pee, eat, and have some quiet before I can even begin to process whatever I just experienced in my day. Wait 30 minutes and get back to me).
  • the smell from the garbage disposal when somebody forgets to run it
  • the same song playing on the radio…again.
  • people flaking on plans without a good reason
  • walking against the wind in a skirt (it sticks to your legs and makes it look like pants).
  • singing radio songs from the local Christian station at church
  • getting coconut oil in my eye
  • loud noises coming through my Bluetooth directly into my ear
  • being interrupted
  • sleeping with socks on
  • tangled hair
  • shaving knees (I always cut them)
  • dirty/oily microwave buttons/refrigerator handles/doorknobs/light switches/cell phone faces
  • the letdown I feel when I win a game
  • residual water in my ears after a shower
  • breathing in pool water (the stinging feeling)
  • the sound of somebody chewing in a quiet room (gross)
  • the last paper towel
  • the sound my fork makes when it scrapes against the plate
  • the marks in the ice at the ice rink (from the blades)

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