Career Journal: Entry #5: Repetition is the mother of all skills

My last Anatomy entry was wrought with feelings of defeat, determination, and frustration.

This will be much different.

After going to lab and staring into a microscope for hours and still being unable to differentiate between the tissues, I went home in tears. My boyfriend called me that night and I basically sobbed into the phone, “I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I can.”

After a pep talk by both him and my father, I attended to consecutive days of what they called “open lab,” free lab time to do whatever. I went both Friday and Saturday and plan to attend next week too, and by the second day, after 8 hours of staring into a microscope, I could rattle off the tissue, where it was located, what its function was and teach the person next to me how to do the same after only seconds of glimpsing at it through the oculars. I felt ecstatic.

Unfortunately, there were some people in the lab who were not so thrilled that I was able to understand it and they weren’t, so I’m going to keep that information in my head in the future, rather than trying to be so helpful (this is where my awkward social skills come in…fail). I forget that I’m in a public college now and not in a private one like I’ve been used to my whole life up until now. Education and learning are viewed very differently in that setting and if you are excelling and people around you are aware of it, let’s just say you aren’t exactly the most popular person at that point.

I have a holiday tomorrow, so the day will be dedicated to more studying and preparing for lab the following day and the lecture material for this week.

I’ve taken several online tests and quizzes over that lab material that I was originally struggling with, and I seem to do fairly well consistently, which encourages me.

I’ve also taken the initiative to contact several people who I think are level-headed, professional, and have some common sense to see if they have any tips or advice for me for going through this class.

So, I’m off, and feeling more encouraged as I’ve realized the value of repetition (which translates to going to open lab and making the most of my time there).


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