I am greatly disappointed in the company that makes the planner I usually purchase at the start of the new year.

You see, my planner is like…right up there with my brain. It’s way important. It’s the backup hard drive for when my brain crashes, for when I have no idea where I am supposed to be an when, what is due, when it’s due, what days I’ll work on whatever is due so I will be sure to get it done on time, addresses and emails for important people, appointments, etc.

…And my planner has to have certain features. For example, it can’t be spiral bound in any form, because it will get smashed in my backpack and I won’t be able to turn the pages. It also can’t be hardcover because I need it to be light and portable to fit in places like my purse or small pocket in my backpack. Additionally, each month must begin with a small calendar. The pages that follow must have big boxes for me to write in, and not labeled 8 am through 8 pm. Those time planners are too constricting for me. I write more than things I need to do at certain times in planner. I write instructions, information, key words. Whoever thinks they can confine me to a single line with an 8 am next to it was absolutely crazy. Finally, it must be black and white, no pictures. I don’t like distractions or frilly things. My planner is a tidy place. Tidier than my bedroom. After all, a hard drive must be organized.

I went to the store recently, excited to purchase my new planner before the new year ended, and to my horror, they stopped selling the one I always buy. That one, that is the ideal one. I’ve never found another like it.

Frantically, I went to three other stores only to find the same devastating news: They were only stocking dumb spiral bound planners. “It’s fine, it’s fine,” I reassured myself. “Amazon will certainly sell it.”

Today, going on 6 days without a perfect planner, I went on Amazon to search up planners, looking up the exact same planner I used last year, and it’s gone, deleted from the face of the earth along with all the data my brain cannot possibly store on its own power.

I am planner dependent, and right now, I am helpless. This must be resolved before school begins.


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