Career Journal: Entry #2: Still Prepping for Anatomy

Career Journal: Entry #2: Still Prepping for Anatomy

December 30, 2013

I received my textbook in the mail, and I purchased all of my school supplies. My boyfriend bought me some flashcards for Anatomy, and I also purchased a digital recorder to record lectures. I think I’m ready to battle this one out, if it’s anywhere near as terrible as folks have been telling me.

I started studying in advance, two weeks before classes, going through the material at a comfortable pace.

My boyfriend bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and I downloaded three Anatomy books that are entirely quizzes. I’ll be making good use of those as I progress through the material.

My office was really supportive of my academic endeavors and adjusted my schedule to give me Saturdays all the way free so I can devote time to recovery and studying. They also contacted the families of my weekday clients and requested a change of schedule so I could complete my appointments in the morning before school.

So far, so good! (But then again, I haven’t begun the class).

I hope to give myself a little bit of an edge before it begins.


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