Super Fun Rainbow Sparkle Thanksgiving Workout

We have, at the business my boyfriend owns and teaches fitness and kickboxing at, created a month of November workouts called “30 30’s.” We complete 30 different exercises for thirty seconds each, with jump rope (or another aerobic activity) in between each of the 30 varying exercises. It’s fast-paced, high-intensity, and when we do it with friends, its lots of “fun” (more like we suffer together, and that makes it more enjoyable). And, for all of those Turkey day exercisers, we created a Thanksgiving morning workout.

The Thanksgiving morning workout was, as well, a 30 30 workout. I swear, these workouts have been killing me. They are fun, but definitely tough!

So, to start promoting optimism as people began dreading these fitness challenges as the month wore on, we decided to create much happier names.

Instead of “Butt kicker workout” and names of the like, we started naming workouts things like, “SUPER FUN HAPPY WORKOUT” (to be said with a Japanese reality TV show host voice). Another was “THE INCREDIBLY EASY SWEAT-FREE WORKOUT.” The name for this morning’s Thanksgiving workout was created last night by the teenage girls in the black belt class: “SUPER FUN RAINBOW SPARKLE WORKOUT.” We also tossed around names like “BETTER THAN FRO YO WORKOUT,” or “RAINBOWS, UNICORNS, AND JOY WORKOUT.”

Let me tell you, there is nothing joyful, optimistic, or sweat-free about these workouts.

We even spiced up this morning’s workout by including stuffed animals next to our free weights, resistance bands, weighted bars, and jump ropes. What were the stuffed animals for, you ask?

Besides looking cute and going along with the theme of “Super fun rainbow sparkle,” we laid on our backs, placed the stuffed animals between the insteps of our feet, and slowly moved our feet up and down, from heels heavenward to knees bent, heels by the booty, squeezing the stuffed animal the entire time. I felt that through my entire leg, especially my quads. Who knew that Teddy Bears could be used for so much more than snuggling?

But, some of our members found a more appropriate name for these workouts: “Demon Armageddon,” was one name discussed. In fact, in one class, it was said that my boyfriend should change his last name to Armageddon so we could call our business, “Armageddon Fitness and Kickboxing,” to more appropriately reflect our workouts.

Nevertheless, everybody seemed to survive the month of November and come out stronger in the end, and since we survived, today we kick off the holiday season with lots of food, fun, relaxing, and family!

In all of the classes, we reminded our members to tell folks we love how much we appreciate them and why. They may know they are appreciated, and it may be already understood, but today is a good day to tell the people you care about, out loud, that you are grateful they are a part of your life.

My boyfriend did this to me today, and he said, “My sweet darling, I’m so grateful to have you in my life, in the good times and also, the times when our relationship seems to parallel the plot of the Empire Strikes back.” Hm….

Okay, I admit, he said lots of other nice things too, but it seemed funnier to leave it at that!

He told me he was grateful for things I already knew he appreciated, but it filled my heart to hear it from him out loud, again.

So take a moment in the chaos of the day or at the end when it is all over, and let folks around you know that you appreciate them, that you care for them, that they make your life better, and don’t be afraid to tell them why!

Happy Thanksgiving!

**As a side note, one of the teenagers in the black belt class showed me a new high-five you should try because it is super fun happy sparkle (it is actually rather amusing). Admittedly, it’s possible that this high-five has been around forever (so now I’m just revealing my ignorance of the world), but I’m definitely not in high school anymore, because I’d never seen it before. It’s a turkey high-five.

One person makes the normal palm to palm high five hand formation, palm open, but fingers spread. This makes the turkey’s tail. The other person makes a fist with their hand, sticks out their thumb (making the turkey’s head) and you high five your friend with the blade of your fist.

Try it….I dare you. It’s a small joy in life.


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