She Has a Halo

     In my Medical Terminology Class this week, our professor asked if any of us happened to know the three most common types of viruses which cause the common cold.

     My first semester there I took Microbiology, and I remembered studying material on the common cold, so I rose my hand.

     “Name just one,” he instructed when he called on me.

     “Adenoviruses,” I replied.

     “Correct. Somebody else for the second type?” he asked.

     I turned around to see if anybody was raising their hand (I was in the front row).

     “Come on….Somebody must know this one,” the professor insisted, pointing to his nose.

     I rose my hand again, even though I’d already answered once.

     When nobody else offered an answer, he called on me again.

     “Rhinoviruses,” I answered, worrying I was starting to look like that annoying teacher’s pet.

     “Correct. Last one. I’ll give you all a hint,” the instructor offered.

     The answer he was trying to get the class to guess was “coronaviruses.”

     He was going to have them guess “crown” on on the head and then “corona” by mimicking drinking, presumably.

     He drew an invisible circle around my head. “What is this?” The professor asked. “What does she have?”

     About ten people raised their hands excitedly. He called on the first girl to raise her hand.

     “You in the back,” he pointed.

     “Um..well…she has a halo?”

     That has to be the most adorable answer I’ve heard in college, lol. Unfortunately for me, no…I do not have a halo!

Copyright 2013


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