Dear Community College:

Couldn’t get the classes I needed at the community college for this Fall semester. They saw I was enrolled in 3 units, and this is the email I received.

They wrote about my lack of enrollment so nicely. LOL.

“Dear B,

We are looking forward to seeing you for the Fall semester! Have you considered adding another class to your schedule to make your educational experience richer and fuller? There are still many classes that have open seats that can be a meaningful addition on a successful path to achieve your goals! Do not delay any longer – register now!”

Yes, little college, believe it or not, this, usually 16-18 units a semester 4.0 grade point average student, HAS, in fact, considered adding other classes to her schedule to make her educational experience richer and fuller, but you happened to cut back all the classes I needed for my degree, AND you screwed up transferring my pre-reqs from when I was at my other 4-year university, so thank you. Thank you VERY much for delaying my rich and full educational experience another year and a half.


Your happy and content student


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