A Poem After Visiting Haiti

  Voices of the Silent:

August 2009 (written upon return home)

My eyes have seen affliction

They’ve fallen upon

One of the most beautiful,


Places in your world,

A land watered with tears.

I rest in silence,

Laden with the burden I have gained.

I have heard grief-

the voice of the mothers

who have had the infants and children

they carried within them

and raised

Stolen mercilessly

by the clammy talons of death.

Hunger is the voice of the children,

Their shrunken bodies begging for


their hollow eyes searching for food.

Thirst is the voice of all,

as they watch pure droplets


from the swollen, thunderous clouds

then ripple as each drop

Blends with the liquid doom

they drink to stay alive,

Yet their mouths remain dry.

Sighs are the voices

Of the parents

Working bean by bean

to provide for their families.

They sit in the harsh sun

Sorting one by one

What will hopefully

Provide them with their livelihood.

The same sun and moon

that are in my sky

Faithfully return to theirs

each day and night.

You have seen their downcast faces,

The tear-stained cheeks of the children,

The mothers’ aching hearts,

The fathers’ silent pain.

But because of your great love

They are not consumed,

For your compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;

Great is your faithfulness.

Even in the stillness of the night,

There may yet be hope.

For though you bring grief,

You will show compassion,

So great is your unfailing love.

For you do not willingly

Bring affliction

Or grief to the children of men.

Hear the voices of the silent, Lord.

Do not let their hearts grow faint.

For you, O Lord, are God.

-Lamentations 3

Curious Haitian Child

Copyright 2013


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