A Poem After a Hospice Visit (serious)

Where Heaven Meets Earth

Copyright 2013

One day, long long ago,

Your mother, your father, the nurse and the doctor,

They got to hear your first breaths

As they welcomed you into this world.


But now, now I am here.

I stand in silence, touching your hair,

I have never met you until this moment,

And I am listening to your last breaths.


I take a warm, damp cloth and I wash your hands,

I wipe all your skin clean.

But the smell, the smell of your dying,

No washing or drying can make it leave this place.


I hear you moan as I move your head slightly,

I jerk you back to this world for so brief a moment – I’m sorry.

Then you return, return to that blessed peaceful place,

You have one foot here, and the other foot there.


I have an honor to stand at your bedside,

While angels are watching beside me,

Holding your other hand as I hold this one,

You’ve got one foot here, and the other foot there.


Some might flee from this room,

From the smells of death and dying,

Of fears, and tears,

And goodbyes to all of those years



But here, right now, this is a sacred place,

Where Heaven meets Earth, your spirit is ascending,

Those people who heard your first breaths are gone,

Now, I stand alone, listening, listening, listening for your last one.


So go, it is okay.

These angels that you see, they will keep holding your hands.

You may go, leave this world in peace,

Stop gasping for breaths, and inhale those lovely, deep heavenly scents.


One response to “A Poem After a Hospice Visit (serious)

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