I Have a Seven Year Curse

Every 7 years, I wake up backwards in my bed.

Last night was particularly disturbing.

I woke up feeling a chill running through my body, and I realized I must have thrown off my blankets. Then I noticed that the bottoms of my feet were pressed up against the cold, bumpy wall…

“A wall?” I thought, confused. “There is a closet at the end of my bed, not a wall.” I reached behind my head to see if the wall that is usually there was still there. It was gone. My arms fell into a void.

I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t see. This has happened to me once before, where I woke up totally blind for about a minute. I couldn’t see any of the normal lights in my room. The clock, the computer battery, and the moonlight around the sides of my window….everything was black. I couldn’t see my own hand in front of my face. I checked to see if my eyelids were open.

They were.

“Great, I’m blind again,” I muttered aloud.

Most people would have been alarmed that they were blind. Fortunately for me, that feeling did not occur until much later.

I started feeling around. “I’m definitely on my bed. There IS a pillow under my head…but there are also pillows under my feet….I must have turned myself around in the night?”

I felt for my closet, felt for the walls, touched the floor, and everything seemed to be normal. I went back under my covers, reoriented in my bed and correctly positioned. I grabbed my ipod, turned it on, and for a moment, I saw nothing.

Then, I was able to see light.

Soon, my vision came back entirely. I illuminated my room with my ipod, made sure everything was in place and then laid back down, my mind churning.

These, unfortunately, were the two questions that ran through my mind which I had to first answer before I could answer the ones that are probably running through yours (Why was she blind? and why was she backwards?)

My questions:

1. Did a creepy man dressed a little like Indiana Jones come in here (i.e. hat, beard, whip, a little dirt on the face, with a knapsack over a shoulder), pick me up, turn me around, and put a pillow under my head?

When I had set that one to rest, I had to answer the next question:

2. Did I sleepwalk and kill anyone?

“Think, think….Do you remember killing anyone? Think hard…harder!”

When I felt semi-assured that I probably hadn’t killed anyone, I decided it was okay to fall back to sleep.

Now I await another seven years.


Copyright 2013


2 responses to “I Have a Seven Year Curse

    • Haha, I know, it freaks me out too! Hopefully it won’t happen again 🙂 I’ve thought about it and wondered if it had something to do with waking up out of a deep sleep. Not sure.

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