A Team of Highly Trained Monkeys

I am working on a project on my computer, and I needed YouTube for advice (as you know, YouTube is the go-to source for all good and necessary advice). However, when I clicked on the Google search results for “YouTube,” this error appeared on my screen… It brought up some questions…questions which, well, I have no answers for, and unfortunately, I obviously can’t use YouTube to answer those questions…since their highly trained monkeys are busy….

A friend of mine saw this post of mine and replied: “If you study the message closely you can actually figure out exactly what is wrong and fix it on your end! Take a look at each line; each type of character will have a value associated with it. Lowercase = 1, Uppercase = 1.5, numbers = their value. We’ll get to the dashes in a bit… but first we need to deal with the repeating capitalization. If there are repeated capital letters in a row, the value for that block of letters is 2.3n-1 (where n is the number if capital letters in a row). Now take these numbers you have and multiply each row by its value * the position of the dash (if any) in the row. So if the dash is the 25th character in the row, multiply it by that much. Do not add the rows together, keep them separate! Now if you have any rows with underscores in them, take the value of each row and divide by the position of the underscore in the line, similar to what you did above with the dash. If you have multiple underscores, order of operations! Now take every other row, and convert the result to a base-8 system, it’s easy if you try. Ok now take the other rows and convert them to their metric equivalent mirrors. Ok good. Now! By the time you have done all the above, try refreshing the page again and hopefully YouTube will have sorted out the issue! LIKE MAGIC!”

…I almost tried it. Almost. Then I read to the end.


Copyright 2013


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